Montag, 5. April 2010

Henry Miller - To paint is to love again


lynne h hat gesagt…

oh nicole, thank you, thank you for this video. it's the most wonderful thing. i would like to put it on my blog - do you mind if i do?

i like your art a lot... it's beautiful and real.

thank you for your nice words at my place and for your nice place here.



Nicole Horn-Fakher hat gesagt…

Hi Lynne,
yes sure, put it on your blog. Henry Miller should be everywhere. Have a look on you tube - you can find some other very interesting ones with him about art and life and so on.
Nice to see you here. :-)

lynne h hat gesagt…

thank you nicole. yes, i agree, henry miller should be everywhere. : )

after seeing this video i went to amazon and bought one of this books of paintings. i just found out recently that he was a painter - i so love his art.

i did watch some of the other henry miller videos after seeing this one. i just love him...